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Find out the weird and wonderful uses of our new cosmetics bag

It has been a long wait, but it is finally here! The new addition to our most popular Solstice Line is this beautiful large cosmetics bag. 

It is a super useful travel companion, but we had lots of fun playing around with what else our cosmetics bag could be good for.  I don't know about you, but I often find the most strange collection of random objects in my bag. It is definitely a passion driven by my 6-year-old who finds treasures on every corner. Stones become precious crystals, sticks - magical wands, and we often have to carry with us a fine selection of the best lego figures, Hotwheels cars, pens, and crayons. 

So I have put together this little compilation of some great uses for our cosmetics bag:

1.  Makeup Bag! Of course  - this is what is meant to be! Our cosmetics bag is lined with waterproof nylon lining, its size is perfect to carry all your basics plus a little more.

2. I am sure you have always wondered: "Where, oh where can  I store my superheroes while I am out and about in town?!" 

Wonder no more as the Solstice bag is your perfect fit!  I know that those of you who have little ones at home have found themselves collecting scattered toys from the bottom of their handbag. Why not use a lovely pouch to keep them in, so next time you just want to find your keys, you don't have to go through taking out 10 Lego figures and five small cars first. 

3. I love traveling by train!  The moment the train moves away from the platform, and the beautiful countryside scenery starts rolling by it is so inspiring to take your favourite pens out, to sink in the soothing sound of the engine, and doodle any worries and anxiety away. This makeup bag is perfect for storing all your pens and pencils and why not paints and brushes at home. 


This is just some ideas about what we can store in our new bag. I would love to hear your ideas and why not share them in an Instagram post with us? Just use the #softerandwild  and we would love to feature them here! 




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